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The uprising and success of Weng Huat Engineering Services Pte Ltd and its leader, Mr Anthony Sng goes to show how recognition, a by product of excellence and great product, goes a long way to help out an entrepreneur and his business in starting out and achieving success.

With positive recognition, a business would be on the right path towards success and would be able to over come any adversities that come along its way, with the support of its clients, just like the way Weng Huat Engineering Services Pte Ltd achieved its success.

Weng Huat Engineering Services Pte Ltd is a company that deals with mechanical and electrical works, specialising in the repair and restoration of various components and parts utilised in the industrial sector.

At Weng Huat Engineering Services Pte Ltd, honesty is perceived as a quality of utmost priority, and experienced employees do their best to provide clients with full transparency of the costs that comes with the services offered by the company, which Weng Huat Engineering Services Pte Ltd puts great emphasis to ensure customer satisfaction is met.


Furthermore, Weng Huat Engineering Services Pte Ltd also makes an effort to follow up with customers, indicating that all jobs taken up by the company are not just one-off. What makes Weng Huat Engineering Services Pte Ltd successful is not just because it is an expert in its own field, but also because of its recognition by the public and clients, a result of the outstanding customer service that the compa­ny provides.

Established in 1984, the start of Weng Huat Engineering Services Pte Ltd; named after the last names of the two partners of the business, was spurred on by the recognition Mr Sng has received in the industry, by his clients.

Mr Sng reminisced, "I was contacted by one of my previous clients from the first company which I have worked in, Mr Foo, who requested for my services due to my familiarity with the industry."


At that point of time, Mr Foo was working with a major underwater diving company that required Mr Sng's expertise to take on a project on a vessel.

However, Mr Sng was stuck in a quandary as he has already left his previous workplace and was planning to seek for employment in the banking sector.

"Handphones was not as common as now during the 1980s, and Mr Foo persistently contacted me on my pager and house phone.

"At that moment, I believe the opportunity has presented itself to me, to be an entrepreneur and get back on my own feet, and Mr Foo's recognition of my work has pushed me on to do so"

Mr Sng remarked as to how he was convinced to be an entrepreneur and start Weng Huat Engineering Services Pte Ltd.

As a new startup, Weng Huat Engineering Services Pte Ltd faced various problems such as the lack of a clientele base, and capital. "ln this line, there is no regular stream of customers."

Mr Sng commented on the difficulties of the industry. Mr Sng resorted to taking up loans from his family members to tide the firm over through its difficult times.


Also, Mr Sng meticulously allocated specific budgets on different aspects of the business operations, resolving manpower and financial issues plaguing Weng Huat Engineering Services Pte Ltd at its inception.

Through the years, Weng Huat Engineering Services Pte Ltd has attained many significant achievements, such as the bizSAFE award for workplace safety, and the recognition of other companies and peers in the same industry for its great work.

Mr Sng is thankful for the support of his family, and also, Mr Foo, for giving him the motivation to start up Weng Huat Engineering Services Pte Ltd.

Aside from honesty and good services, Mr Sng believes that all great entrepreneurs should have perseverance and true capabilities that is able to win over others.

Mr Sng also advised young people aspiring to be entrepreneurs, urging: "Do not ever lie to customers,a s it will affect your business. Make sure to uphold honesty and be committed to deliver your promises."

"As an entrepreneur, Mr Sng puts the interests of his customers at forth, determine to provide the best for them, and he believes that there is still room for improvement in the industry.


This is why Mr Sng plans for Weng Huat Engineering Services Pte Ltd to expand in size, by employing more workers to take on jobs of larger scale, while trying to engage Singaporeans into the trade. Mr Sng believe that the future of Weng Huat Engineering Services Pte Ltd remains to be glowing, and would do all it takes to ensure the continued prosperity of the company.

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